Upcoming Next: Google Earthquake Detection Service By A Phone

google earthquake detection

We know how many problems we have to face during a strong or low earthquake. To prevent it and for safer life google taking and investing time to launch an earthquake detection service.

Earthquake is a natural disaster. But a strong earthquake can become more dangerous than we can think. Last time in Nepal we saw how an earthquake destroyed many of the cities in Nepal. This all happened only for earthquake reasons.

Many tech giant companies are trying to be safe more during earthquake time. So they are working with scientists for better improvements. In this meantime, google decided to launch like this feature.

Mark Stogitis, chief software engineer of google recently told in a blog that:

“Google will be able to provide accurate information about earthquakes through Android phones. Customers will be able to save themselves and their loved ones with a few seconds of warning”

It will help peoples to know about earthquakes and anyone can go to a safe place. Also, it will reduce the disaster effect. But this feature now only be launched in the USA. After the success, it will be spread over the world.

We will welcome this project from google definitely. What you think about the “google earthquake detection alert system” let us know by your comments. If any question then you can ask on our forum.

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