Glove Patterns: An Amazing Feature of Android

Glove Patterns

Android makes us everyday curious about the latest updates and features. But somehow I found an amazing feature on android. It will really help in the winter season. If you are leaving in a cold seasonal area. Then this feature will be great for you.

This amazing feature name is glove patterns. You will see that in android settings options. I was really curious about what is that feature doing here on my android with a glove icon. When I carefully checked, Just loved the function. Search now on your mobile.

Glove Patterns: An Amazing Feature of Android 1

These glove patterns function actually for using android mobile wearing gloves. Gloves patterns function enable touch sensors so that we can use our android smartphones. In the very cold season, I will never want to put my hands to be freeze.

That’s why I will definitely wear gloves and use my smartphone. You can also use these features as you know that also from now. If you want to play games in winter these will definitely help you much. Why not use that for a long time!

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