Powerful Corona Effects On The Tech World


Corona:Novel virus of 2020. This Virus affecting on peoples more and more. But it is also affecting on tech world. Do you know why? Let me explain you in the full article.

Recently corona virus affected The Chin, From many resources we are hearing that full Chin is in danger. By this, it is effecting the tech world. Because we know that chin is the country of too much people. This peoples works day and night. Most of the tech equipment made in chin.

When the virus started hampering peoples, most of the peoples are not going to work, many tech industries now is off. Chin supplies the tech related equipment to the full world. But unfortunately, the supplying equipment are now too low.

Apple’s smartphone equipment are also got stuck for this Virus. The share market going down of apple, because of the virus affects.

Now Everyone asking, what will happen if peoples do not made the tech equipment?

The main answer is : If the production of parts or equipment of tech related products become very low then , it will occurs high price in the market. That’s why people don’t get new products so soon. We hope chin will recover it also so fast.

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