Turn on Free Miss Call Alerts (MCA) on Grameenphone


Now you can turn on free missed call alert On GP Sim

What is Missed call alert:-

Mobile phones have become multifaceted devices and different dimensions are added to them offering Value Added Services. One such VAS, facilitating call management is Missed call alert. The missed call alert is a lead generation value-added service that allows mobile operators to equip the customers with an easy-to-use call log and notification system, for the calls missed while the called party was unreachable or his mobile device was switched off. This, in turn, increases their day-to-day call efficiency.

The missed call alert VAS service uses SMS to inform the receiver about the calls missed whilst they were not reachable, as well as to inform the calling party of the availability of the called party when they are reachable. The text message sent to the calling party can also be modified by end-users. The number of subscribers to which the missed call notification is sent can also be controlled.

The Missed Call Alert service is available with all GSM, CDMA, and UTMS service providers, offering a comprehensive set of features, such as:

Scalable, full-featured missed call logging notification of missed calls to the called party via SMS Notification of the called party becoming reachable to calling party via SMS, with user-defined text. Automatic missed call log forwarding to another mobile.Management of service settings through integrated SMS interface for end-users.Internal announcement playback support using internal or external speech devices by call drop-back to interconnected mobile switch. Often built in SMSC

Importance of MCA for operators

Often, mobile subscribers are unable to receive calls. The reason may be attributed to a lack of network availability and personal or business engagement among others.

For operators, the Missed Call Alert service offers several benefits, such as:

Increased call completion rate and enhanced revenue, by using the platform for push advertising. Missed call alerts increase the average revenue per user thereby increasing the overall message revenue. It reduces customer churn by enhancing the user experience. For business users, MCA improves productivity.


Turn on Free Miss Call Alerts (MCA) on Grameenphone 1

How To Active:-
Just Dial
charge 2.5 taka with Vat, SC& SD
1 Month
20Sms & 20 MMS

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