How To Watch YouTube Videos without Ads on Mobile

Watch YouTube Videos without Ads on Mobile

YouTube is the most popular video content watching platform. YouTube generates revenue by showing ads on the video. Today You will know how to watch youtube videos without ads on mobile.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video content-sharing platform. Where the content creators can create their videos and share their videos on YouTube YouTube is a good platform for also earning money by showing ads by Google AdSense.

At youtube, you can create short videos right now like Tiktok and you can create your history your blogs your gaming experience so you can share everything that you can want. YouTube provides the service for content creators to serve their creativity.

What are Ads?

Ads are a short form of advertisement.  You can see in the newspaper they are showing ads for a company and their product. It is like they are promoting their products and for promoting their company the way they show is called ads. 

Nowadays the digital ads mean we know like Google AdSense,  Bing ads this is an on kind of advertisement to digital media. Here publisher publishes their content and advertisers advertise their products to promote their products to get huge sales.

You can also advertise your products on Google AdSense and now we are talking about Google AdSense as YouTube uses Google AdSense to show their ads and content creators monetize their channels by showing YouTube advertisements from Google AdSense.

Watch YouTube Videos without Ads

Most of the users of YouTube are from mobile devices.  On the mobile device you can see there are lots of ADS are showing while watching a YouTube video.  it hampers our attraction to watch youtube videos.  so there is a that I will tell you how to watch youtube videos without ads on mobile.

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 Download PureTuber from Play Store.  Then login from your Google account then you can see videos from the Recommendation of your account.  PureTuber blocks YouTube ads while watching any kind of YouTube video. 

 You can be a bit just inviting your friend. First of all, you need to get an invitation code on your account to get the premium for free on purity word.  just place the code that I am giving you: E4467

 After giving The invitation code you will be a VIP member for  90 days.  if you can share up to 5 members you will get a lifetime premium of PureTuber for free. Get Pure Tuber Here. Watch YouTube Videos On C25s.

 I use this method to watch youtube videos without ads.  You can also use this method.  If you got this article helpful Share your experience in the comment below.  If you face any problem let me know I will help you to guide.

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