Verizon Buying A video conferencing app BlueJeans

Verizon buying

BlueJeans basically a video conferencing app like zoom. Verizon company planning to take advantage of 5G. Therefore Verizon buying Bluejeans.

We know that Zoom already has huge users. Those users every day make the conference. Even in the situation of COVID-19 people are not going outside. They are trying to stay home and be safe and doing there talks to family members, relatives also to the company via the internet with a video chat. Every day there are 200 million active users use video chat. A big company like Verizon will never lose this chance to grow more.

To get in touch also with too many active users, Verizon media confirmed to buy BlueJeans video conferencing app.

Source: Verizon buys video conferencing app BlueJeans

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