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Featured Articles

Glove Patterns

Glove Patterns: An Amazing Feature of Android

ByMd. Sabbir HossainNov 4, 20200 comments

Android makes us everyday curious about the latest updates and features. But somehow I found an amazing feature on android. It will really help in the winter season. If you are leaving…

google earthquake detection

Upcoming Next: Google Earthquake Detection Service By A Phone

ByMd. Sabbir HossainAug 14, 20200 comments

We know how many problems we have to face during a strong or low earthquake. To prevent it and for safer life google taking and investing time to launch an earthquake detection…

Nova Launcher Prime

5 Best Premium Benefits of Nova Launcher

ByMd. Sabbir HossainAug 3, 20200 comments

Today we will know about the awesome benefits of nova launcher premium. We all know how much special is nova launcher in the android community. The nova launcher has two versions on…

30 common browsing error codes

30 Common Browsing Error Codes You Must Know

ByMd. Sabbir HossainJun 4, 20200 comments

If you are an internet hunger about surfing the web, Then you can face some problems while browsing, But that is not exactly problems. Some sites show many error codes. That has…

Verizon buying

Verizon Buying A video conferencing app BlueJeans

ByMd. Sabbir HossainApr 16, 20200 comments

BlueJeans basically a video conferencing app like zoom. Verizon company planning to take advantage of 5G. Therefore Verizon buying Bluejeans. We know that Zoom already has huge users. Those users every day…