Realme C3 : Is It Best To Buy In 2020 [Explained Review]

realme c3

One day we can not spend without a smart phone. But in market there is lots of company providing smart phone. Which one will be best? we always find that. To get the attraction of audience Realme always best. Now Realme solding realme c3 smartphone.

What i found on Realme C3?

When i know about the launching of Realme C3. I was waiting to know how it would be. The main part has came, I got the time to review while researching two weeks. Here is short specification of this phone. Then I telling you is it best or not? The short specifications Are:

  • 3/32 Ram and Memory
  • 6.5 inch display
  • Selfie camera 5mp
  • Back Camera 12mp
  • Finger print scan and security
  • 5000 Mah Bettary.
  • Cool plastic body.

Camera Review:

In the first look i will tell you that the back camera is so good as in mid range price phone. You will get 12mp camera on the back with 1.2 iso. The video quality not bad. But also not so good you know. In the market I can found more then cameras with 8mp+ phone. In this area we don’t accept only 5mp camera in the front. They should give more.

Display Performance:

The display performance impressed me. Watching videos on Realme you will definitely love it. Because it gives the full support to view videos in higher Resolution . You can watch 1080 pixel videos on youtube.

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Video On Realme

Gaming Performance:

While playing Pubg this phone will automatically say you to play in high graphics. Isn’t it cool? Yeah can play games in high resolution. Also another games can be play very smoothly.

Body Of Realme:

Realme given a plastic body in the C3. So there is no worry about scratch . You should be keep safe. In the glass they protected it with gorilla glass shield for display. The color combination just amazing.

Notch Here?

Yes, This phone providing a good narrow notch on the upper middle site of display. But the buttons are in high. So, you can be in trouble while using this functions. Other ways it is good. And the finger pin security is also good.

Bad sides of Realme C3:

While using this phone if you multi task works then you will feel little hang of this phone. Also the specification are short as in quality. Front camera could not focus highly in lights. That problems the whole image. I don’t liked it. Realme C3 deserves much more.

Is It Best To Buy Realme C3:

I n this question i will say that. “No” Because the budget is in middle but not low as we expected. So, This phone deserves ,more in my opinion. Comment your opinion in comment below.

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