Give an icon to your pendrive

give an icon to your pendrive

Hey, Do you know that you can give an icon to your pendrive. Yes, I am telling you the truth. You can add your own photo as a icon to your pendrive. Is it cool,right? Let me show you the customization on pendrive.

Createing & Converting

  1. Create a new text file.
  2. Rename it as “AutoRun.inf”. 
  3. Then take your own photo.
  4. You Have to convert it as ico format.
  5. For converting,go to ico converter site.
  6. Then convert your image to (anyname).ico .

create txt file
rename txt file
main image
Give an icon to your pendrive 1
convert image
converted image

Customize The .inf File

  • Now open the .inf file on notepad
  • Write this code


main code

Now Copy Pest the image and inf file to your pendrive front page. Remove your pendrive then insert it. Now you see the main magic. 

If You Don’t Understood Then Watch The Video For Free

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