Google Declared : Chrome Flash Will Not Work After December (2020)

chrome flash

We Have To Say Good Bye Chrome Flash After 11 Months Later.

Recently google chrome showing a message about flash.From last 20 years google gave us an amazing experience while using chrome browser.We know that internet has so many resources but resource websites runs depending on flash tool. Many users use adobe flash player. But google chrome flash is too good. Over all 80% Desktop computer users used chrome flash from 2015. But Recently this percentage decreased.

Over all 17% user uses flash in chrome. Google explained here that website owners are moving to open web technologies Because it is more faster and more safe for all users and it is also comfortable for desktop or mobile.

For this reasons google took this kind of decision. By the we can use flash in chrome for upcoming 10 month’s and its totally free.So, Not To worry now, All will run super fast. Hopefully google will design new updates.

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