30 Common Browsing Error Codes You Must Know

30 common browsing error codes

If you are an internet hunger about surfing the web, Then you can face some problems while browsing, But that is not exactly problems. Some sites show many error codes. That has different meanings. Today’s lecture we will talk about 30 common browsing error codes that you must know if you are an internet hunger. It will keep you more up to date.

What are Browsing Error Codes?

While browsing on the internet, We visit too many sites. But while we browse any page we can see error codes. That shows because that is HTTP codes. Which shows to give the sense you are facing problems. You have to go to another page or you have to make a request properly. Some sites can not be visited because they can be blocked. Or the site may have a hat page but it can be removed or transferred. Otherwise, the site might face hosting problems. That reasons browser error code occurs.

400 (Bad request)

401 (Authorization required)

402 (Payment required)

403 (Forbidden)

404 (Not found)

405 (Method not allowed)

406 (Not acceptable)

407 (Proxy authentication required)

408 (Request timeout)

409 (Conflict)

410 (Gone)

411 (Length required)

412 (Precondition failed)

413 (Request entity too large)

414 (Request URI too large)

415 (Unsupported media type)

416 (Request range not satisfiable)

417 (Expectation failed)

422 (Unprocessable entity)

423 (Locked)

424 (Failed dependency)

500 (Internal server error)

501 (Not Implemented)

502 (Bad gateway)

503 (Service unavailable)

504 (Gateway timeout)

505 (HTTP version not supported)

506 (Variant also negotiates)

507 (Insufficient storage)

510 (Not extended)

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