[2020] Cool Update Of Facebook


Recently facebook announced there new look of facebook and released the latest version.

Updates of Light and Dark Mode

DARK MODE: Facebook launched the new dark mode option also on its Homepage. Peoples only can use dark mode on messenger. Now users can use dark mode also on front page. The dark mode is very cool. Have a Look:

facebook dark mode

LIGHT MODE: In the light mode Facebook authority and developers given an outstanding look. Because new lite mode is user friendly. Peoples can look now the best color matches, The best use of lighting color. Look out the lighting image.

facebook light mode

New Features Of New Facebook

  1. It has been long time we are seeing the design while using android smartphones, But that design now included on desktop version.

facebook bars

Now 4 buttons on the top of the page. From the left side first one is home button ,then second one is watch button,then third one is groups post buttons. Finally the last one The GAMING button.

left corner
right corner

2. Now users will find the home preview buttons on the left side. And there will be all shortcut options. Also the explore button added on the left corner. Explore options are included with pages,groups,events,videos and more.

3. By default the sponsored links added on the top of right corner. But users will get notified about birth day of their friends in the second position of right corner options. Finally the contacts list of active users will be known at the last position of right corner bar.

Main Settings

fb settings

Now lets talk about settings. On the right corner we can see the profile picture. If users wants to logout or change the design they must click on the image of profile picture. By default all setting option will be shown here. Users can change the light or dark mode here. In this section the news feed preferences,Help and support with settings and privacy given. You can switch both modes and design here. Finally log out option given here so that users can easily log out from their account.

That’s all for today, Read our latest updates and tech news fast and grow the tech knowledge man,Best of luck.O yea, Do you liked the new version? give your feedback by commenting.Thank you.

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